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Hi all, i just made a windows update to windows 9.This windows version contains the following improvements:- Added guide for ruins of exiled invasion Thanks to imdarkmoon.- Fixed the entrance to hdd.-

Autor: PanGu 2/10/2019

Hey all.Sorry it took so long to do this patch but i had some problems with ids because this version of server files.Here is what i did:- Added new item that sells at custom orders npcs : Home Key - T

Autor: PanGu 2/3/2019

Sorry guys it took me the whole day to fix the gear icons.... Patch notes:- Fixed respawn time for normal world bosses to 30 minutes.- Added a new pack "Dragon Pack" that will give you random material

Autor: PanGu 2/1/2019

O shit here we go again, buckle your seat belts.The Remake of the Blue Dragon is back on track with fresh content. I hope to see old friends back and make new ones.Hit us up on discord if you have any

Autor: PanGu 1/31/2019